N°1: Legendary

The 5-Pocket Selvedge

The 5-Pocket SelvedgeThe 5-Pocket Selvedge

raw indigo blue

130 €

N°2: Iconic

The Selvedge Chino

The Indigo Blue Selvedge ChinosThe Indigo Blue Selvedge Chinos

Raw Indigo Blue

135 €

Tote Bag

The Raw Denim Tote Bag

The Raw Denim Tote BagThe Raw Denim Tote Bag

Raw Indigo

35 €


A real novelty!

Our CHINO SELVEDGE is cut in a selvedge denim serge with a premium and eco-responsible indigo dye from the Italian house Candiani. These are pants directly inspired by HENRY's trouser know-how. It combines the casual authenticity of raw denim and the elegance of traditional tailoring with its meticulous details and straight, tapered cut.

For every moment of your life HENRY designs essential and authentic products. You can also discover our 5-POCKET SELVEDGE JEANS in already legendary raw denim.



Our SELVEDGE 5-POCKET jeans are THE essential pants par excellence, they are an authentic basic in the men's wardrobe, totally timeless. It is cut in a raw Selvedge Denim serge with a premium and eco-responsible indigo blue dye from the Italian house Candiani. It will acquire a patina over time and washes and will quickly become your best companion.

For every moment of your life HENRY designs essential and authentic products. You can also discover: our CHINO SELVEDGE in raw denim which combines tailored elegance and authenticity.


Men's denim jeans

Since 1945, Henry Paris has been designing clothes of exceptional quality. So you are bound to find what you are looking for if you are looking for men's denim jeans.


Denim pants are absolutely essential and timeless. As a result, it is a piece that you absolutely must have in your dressing room. You will be able to wear men's denim for any occasion, whether for work, for a walk or in the evening.

Men's denim jeans are an absolutely perfect garment for anyone looking for a well-defined style. In addition, you will have no difficulty matching it with the accessories in your dressing room.

Why choose raw denim from the Henry Paris brand?

By choosing men's denim trousers from the Henry Paris brand, you are above all choosing quality. Indeed, the brand benefits from real expertise and essential know-how in the field. From his experience, you will appreciate the sense of detail that makes denim timeless . As a bonus, Henry Paris is an eco-responsible brand, in other words concerned about the environment.

In addition, you should know that men's denim jeans perfectly meet the new requirements of a changing society. Thus, you adopt both denim jeans of remarkable quality, while taking into account environmental concerns.

Clothing from the Henry Paris brand will give you a real scent of freedom and know that it is an undeniably modern piece of the wardrobe. Thus, you obtain a refined dress style, while maintaining a relaxed line. This avoids the solemn side that you might find for suit pants. With a contemporary note, you have a business outfit, but which can be used perfectly in everyday life.

To sculpt your silhouette and thus affirm your authentic personality, do not hesitate to choose a fitted jacket in addition. Now it's up to you to choose from the range of men's denim jeans with a regular fit. In the first case, men's denim chinos will go perfectly with compact boots. If you prefer looser pants, you get an unstructured silhouette that will pair beautifully with sneakers.

Choose the cut of your men's denim jeans according to the occasion

Regular selvedge jeans have the particularity of being worn close to the body and being slightly narrow at the level of the legs. You get a fit through the thighs and the garment is perfect for tall, thin men. Stretch denim can be worn for any occasion, whether personal or professional.

But why not indulge yourself with regular men's blue denim jeans ? It's a real standard and these pants work perfectly with any type of body type. However, you will appreciate the touch of the Henry Paris brand, which once again relies on the quality of the materials. Thus, you get a perfectly fitted cut, allowing you to have a pleasant and long silhouette.

Do not hesitate to discover the different ways to wear men's denim jeans according to your desires. If you are looking for practicality and comfort, you could choose a much larger model. If it's for professional use, it is sometimes useful to have many pockets to store many equipment like your mobile phone or your wallet. But nothing prevents you from choosing a model that is worn close to the body, as long as you are comfortable at the level of the lower legs and at the level of the thighs. In this context, you will have the impression that denim jeans literally stick to your skin. However, if you are comfortable in this setup, feel free to indulge yourself and it will likely match the style of dress you are looking for.

But don't forget to trust the Henry Paris brand, you will benefit from more than 90 years of experience in the field. Pleasure will obviously be there, as will comfort and quality.