Our pants have been designed and manufactured using an eco-responsible approach, to offer you exceptional clothing.

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Men's chino trousers

The Henry Paris men's chino is a real asset in your men's wardrobe. Tighter at the ankles and looser at the waist, these trousers are just perfect if you want to combine a casual and elegant look. As a result, you will be able to sport a fashionable look, while enjoying an outstanding quality garment. The tapered cuts will enhance the natural elegance of your legs to give a more authentic style.

A men's chino look from Henry Paris won't disappoint you at all. On the contrary, all trousers have been tailored with particularly rich pattern cutting based on a database of over 90 years of experience. In addition, the quality of the fabric remains a priority with a mix of recycled and organic cotton. This way, you get an absolutely unique sensation when you wear it. At every moment, you will enjoy the comfort with an innovative material.

All Henry Paris trousers are timeless and functional. This is the result of a real expertise and know-how that has been acquired over the years. From now on, it's up to you to find the right fit for your morphology and your desires.

Men's chino trousers with the brand's DNA.

The chino trousers stand out from the competition by using eco-friendly materials. Thus, the men's denim jeans and denim chinos have been directly designed in the offices of eastern Paris. The dyes and fabrics used are environmentally friendly. Labelled materials have also been selected by carefully choosing the best European weavers.

As for you, if you are concerned about the environment, you will appreciate the regular chino which has been produced by focusing on a short circuit. The result is really impressive, because the men's chino trousers are made in Europe and are a premium product that is affordable. This is why, by investing in a pair of men's skinny chino trousers or a men's regular chino, you will have an outstanding garment that will accompany you every day.

Men's chino trousers are a must-have item that you should definitely own

The chino trousers are a timeless element and an essential accessory that you must have in your men's wardrobe. That is why Henry Paris has made it its trademark with very high-quality and sustainable materials. These characteristics will obviously seduce you and will allow you to wear a casual look in a completely laid-back way.

Even if the chino jeans were originally used for military uniforms, they have now become popular and can be used in everyday life. However, you will have to make your choice according to your desires and according to the occasions. As you can imagine, there are many colours in the Henry Paris brand with different cuts to ensure a real fit according to your morphology.

For example, you could treat yourself to a grey men's chino. This way, you get a relatively sober look and the colour will be perfect to wear at work. This will also be the case with beige chino trousers or blue men's chino trousers. If you like to go off the beaten track, you will find other more original colours thanks to the wide catalogue of the Henry Paris brand. So why not set your sights on a men's green chino or a khaki chino for men? This time, the use of the trousers will be more adapted to your personal activities.

So, if you value the Henry Paris brand's attention to detail, feel free to discover the many models available. With a functional cut and a sturdy cotton fabric, the trousers remain casual, but with a chic look thanks to their smart design and also to their stylish look. Regardless of your age, occasion, style or season, these are timeless, all-purpose trousers for a smart and casual look. Now it's up to you to choose from the many men's chino trousers available at Henry Paris.