Legacy of quality

Needle threads...

Know-how and expertise are in Henry's DNA, they are passed down from generation to generation.
We are proud of this trouser know-how and this heritage.

Our products are developed with passion, for you, in the Henry workshops in order to offer you an exceptional product.

Nothing is left to chance. The fittings, like “well-going” rituals, allow us to develop a cut and an ergonomics of the product worthy of this transmission of the know-how of the culottier and the “tailoring” spirit.


Our engagements

Henry is committed to offering you good and beautiful, essential and permanent products. At Henry, no “green washing” and blah-blah. We go to the essential.

Our materials are sustainable, recycled, eco-responsible. Our approach is ethical and socially responsible. Our selvedge denim is woven for Henry by Candiani in Italy. Our chino cotton comes from the Santanderina house in Spain and our Merino yarn from the venerable Zegna Baruffa house in Italy.

We design our products as fresh products and favor short circuits, via local European manufacturing for a premium and accessible product quality.

THE right cut and THE right fit associated with the “blends” of the fabrics, bring an exceptional touch and comfort to our products.

Finally, at Henry, we say “Say no to plastic”, so no plastic packaging, but paper and cardboard.