The Henry Laundromat

The Henry Laundromat

For Raw Denim

Everyone has their own recipe...

The Activist recipe

To keep the raw appearance of your jeans and retain their original color:

  1. Wear your jeans without washing them for as long as possible.
  2. Prefer the first cleaning, dry.
  3. For the rest: Give him a bath for 1 hour in a mixture of water and black detergent (Woolite type). Rinse it in fresh water, wrap it in your bathrobe before hanging it out to dry.

The Pure & Dure recipe

Bathe your jeans for 1 hour in a mixture of lukewarm water and black detergent, without rubbing, rinse them before hanging them outdoors.

The Basic recipe

Machine wash at 30°C, for 30 minutes, delicate program without spinning, inside out.

The Holiday recipe

Wear your jeans without washing them for as long as possible. At the beach, jump into the (salt) water, dressed in your jeans! A few rolls in the hot sand and repeat the operation several times.

Rinse it with clean water before laying it out in the sun. With a little fine, dry sand, rub it to create a beautiful patina.

For Cotton Chino

The right recipe

At home, at the dry cleaners or at the laundry, turn your chinos inside out, wash gently at 30° maximum. Wring out without mishandling it, at a minimum. Always upside down, let it breathe then warm it gently, with love.

For the sweatshirt

Wash at 30° delicate, inside out. Choose a minimum spin program, dry it upside down (always), letting it breathe.

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