Men's Denim Jeans and Chinos


Essentials are pieces that form the basis of your wardrobe. At Henry , we have created our Chinos and our jeans, with patterns, from a rich and secret database, privileging the quality of the fabrics: a mix of organic and recycled cotton, with a little elastane, for a unique touch.

All the interior seams are braided and the pockets are made of a weaved cotton, coming from Italy, of great resistance.

Our pants are essential, good basics of course, but of premium quality, which resist the seasons and trends. These pieces are already your favorite pieces, which you will wear tirelessly, playing with the colors according to your desires.


Beautiful pants in eco-responsible materials

Designed, designed, thought out in our offices in eastern Paris, our clothes are made in an eco-responsible approach, with fabrics with clean dyes and respectful of the environment. We have conscientiously chosen our labeled materials from the best European weavers. Our products: pants and accessories are designed as fresh products because we favor short circuits, via local European manufacturing for premium and accessible product quality.


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