The Round Neck SweatshirtThe Round Neck Sweatshirt
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Original crew-neck

Our Crew-Neck Sweatshirt is directly inspired by early American college and university sweatshirts. It is made in Europe in a 360 gram BCI cotton fleece.
Its authentic spirit with its key details: ultra-resistant ribbing and raglan sleeves will bring you ease and optimal comfort.
Its velvet flocking created by Studio Henry is declined in a spirit mixing vintage and contemporary thanks to an exclusive technique.
This iconic piece goes perfectly with all our Chinos and Denims in a sporty-casual spirit.

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Sweatshirt for men

Discover the sweatshirt of the Henry Paris brand

Henry Paris revisits the men's sweatshirt and women's sweatshirt so that the garment becomes an essential piece and a real classic of the wardrobe. But the idea was to modernise it by keeping its simplicity, while updating the codes of streetwear. The result is really stunning with a men's sweatshirt that you will quickly adopt. It is not only a high quality garment, but the cuts are just perfect for any body type.

Henry Paris has successfully adapted to the spirit of the times by focusing on a comfortable men's sweatshirt made from natural materials. As a result, you are halfway between casual and suit style. This was made possible thanks to the expertise of the brand, which has over 90 years of experience. Thus, it has been able to acquire a real know-how that cannot be invented.

But to go further in its creations, Henry Paris relies on an eco-responsible commitment. The result is a sweatshirt made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials and dyes. This attention to detail is highly appreciated, especially if you are concerned about environmental issues.

Why adopt the original men's sweatshirt?

The men's sweatshirt from the Henry Paris brand remains an iconic piece of clothing. Originally found in the wardrobe of sportsmen, the garment has now become more popular for use in everyday life. But in order to keep your garment in the long term and be sure to have a comfortable and high quality product, you can rely on the Henry Paris brand. Thus, the raglan sweatshirt will become a key item in a sportswear style. On top of that, the garment exists in many variations.

For sobriety, the grey men's sweatshirt or the grey sweatshirt for men will allow you not to make any mistake. It is an all-purpose outfit that will allow you to have a casual outfit during the weekend. But you could definitely add some colour and, in this case, choose a red sweatshirt for men or a green sweatshirt for men. Then, you can choose to have a uniform outfit in regards to shades by choosing a trousers of the same colour. Alternatively, you can choose to contrast the colours with a different shade.

When it comes to how to wear your men's sweatshirt, again, there are many different styles. But go for a hoodless men's sweatshirt, because it is a basic item that you will use regularly, even if you are not a sporty person. When you are at home, you can simply pair it with inner trousers. A loose fit will be absolutely perfect in this kind of situation. If, on the other hand, you want to wear a hoodless sweatshirt for men in a casual way, you wont' make any mistake with a pair of trainers and jeans. It is a particularly interesting alternative to the jumper, especially in the season. Finally, if you want to wear it with elegance, an offbeat material remains essential. For example with a designer or cashmere model. These tips also apply to a men's sweatshirt.