What is a selvedge chino and why is it different from a regular chino?

Chinos are essential pants in the male wardrobe, combining comfort and elegance. Among the different variations of chinos, the selvedge chino stands out for its quality and unique style. In this article, we'll tell you what a selvedge chino is and how it differs from a regular chino. Also discover our collection of denim jeans to complete your wardrobe.

What is a selvedge chino?

Selvedge chinos are a type of trouser made from a high-quality fabric, selvedge , which is also used to make luxury jeans. The term "selvedge" (or "self-edge") refers to the clean and reinforced selvage of the fabric, obtained thanks to a specific weaving process carried out on traditional shuttle looms. This process gives selvedge chinos greater strength and a neater finish than regular chinos.

The characteristics of selvedge chinos

The selvedge chino has several characteristics that differentiate it from an ordinary chino:

  • Fabric Quality : Selvedge fabric is generally denser and more durable than the fabric used for regular chinos, providing better fit and superior longevity.

  • Finishes : The selvedge chinos have neat finishes, especially at the seams and hems, which are made with the reinforced selvedge of the fabric to prevent fraying.

  • Style : Selvedge chinos feature an elegant and timeless style, with details such as visible selvage inside the seams and metal or horn buttons.

Why choose selvedge chinos?

Opting for a selvedge chino has several advantages over a regular chino:

  • Durability : Thanks to the superior quality of the fabric and the finishes, a selvedge chino is designed to last longer than an ordinary chino, resisting wear and washing better.

  • Comfort : The selvedge fabric offers optimal comfort, thanks to its density and softness. In addition, it adapts better to the morphology of the user, marrying the silhouette without compressing.

  • Aesthetics : A selvedge chino is distinguished by its elegance and timeless style, which easily matches different outfits and occasions. It is ideal for those looking for versatile and sophisticated pants.

In conclusion, selvedge chinos are high quality pants that stand out from regular chinos for their durability, comfort and aesthetics. Although they may be slightly more expensive than a regular chino, they are a wise investment for those who prioritize quality and style. To complete your wardrobe, do not hesitate to explore our collection of denim jeans , which offers a variety of models and finishes to satisfy all tastes and needs.

How to maintain and wear selvedge chinos?

The selvedge chino, like any fine garment, requires proper care to maintain its durability and appearance. Here are some tips for caring for your selvedge chinos:

  • Washing : Wash your selvedge chinos inside out, in the machine or by hand, using cold water and a mild detergent. Avoid frequent washing to preserve the color and shape of the fabric.

  • Drying : Dry your selvedge chinos flat or on a hanger, in the shade to avoid discoloration caused by the sun's rays. Avoid using the dryer, which can alter the quality of the fabric and reduce the life of your chinos.

  • Ironing : Iron your selvedge chinos inside out, using an iron at a moderate temperature to avoid burning or damaging the fabric.

To wear selvedge chinos on casual occasions, pair them with casual tops like t-shirts, polo shirts, or linen shirts. For a dressier look, opt for a cotton shirt and a blazer jacket. Selvedge chinos pair well with footwear such as sneakers, loafers, or leather ankle boots, depending on the occasion and style desired.

In summary, selvedge chinos are premium quality pants that stand out for their durability, comfort and timeless aesthetics. By choosing a selvedge chino and taking care to care for it properly, you will enjoy a versatile and stylish garment for many years to come. Complete your wardrobe with our selection of denim jeans for men and find the ideal model for every occasion.