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Our SELVEDGE 5-POCKET jeans are THE essential pants par excellence, they are an authentic basic in the men's wardrobe, totally timeless. It is cut in a raw Selvedge Denim serge with a premium and eco-responsible indigo blue dye from the Italian house Candiani. It will acquire a patina over time and washes and will quickly become your best companion.

For every moment of your life HENRY designs essential and authentic products. You can also discover: our CHINO SELVEDGE in raw denim which combines tailored elegance and authenticity.

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Selvedge jeans

Men's selvedge jeans are a real must-have piece that you must have in your men's wardrobe. However, it is advisable to choose quality pants and you will inevitably find what you are looking for by choosing the Henry Paris brand. Indeed, the brand has more than 90 years of experience and today it remains specialized in the production of raw selvedge jeans made from organic and recycled materials.

The result is absolutely remarkable and you will only want to wear your selvedge jeans regularly in a textured cotton straight from Italy. The quality will obviously be required with an absolutely remarkable resistance. In addition, men's raw selvedge jeans are eco-responsible and it is the brand's desire to take care of the environment. These commitments in terms of creation coupled with its expertise and know-how will allow you to have absolutely essential pants.

A basic that you will be able to use in your personal life, but also in a professional setting with premium quality. It's a way to follow the latest trends with pants that can withstand the seasons. As a result, you will wear your selvedge denim tirelessly, enjoying yourself through a variety of colors that you will discover in the Henry Paris catalog.

Discover the selvedge jeans that are made for you

To choose your men's denim jeans at Henry Paris, there is no doubt possible thanks to the many models available. Indeed, selvedge jeans have not taken any wrinkles and it is a first-rate choice by its color, its line and its rendering. By doing it the right way, you will be able to define your personality and your silhouette. Comfort is a priority for the Henry Paris brand and therefore selvedge jeans are available in slim, classic, straight and stretch versions.

But that's not all, selvedge jeans are still available in many colors. For example, you bet on a traditional color by choosing black selvedge jeans. This one will go just as well with ankle boots as with trainers. In addition, you will be able to wear it at the weekend as well as at the office. It is suitable for all occasions. However, you could also choose a highly colored Selvedge Chino. It's another way to enjoy the chic of denim.

Especially since they are eco-responsible jeans in terms of their manufacturing process, but also in terms of the choice of materials. Unquestionably, this is the DNA of the Henry Paris brand with a design originating from its Parisian offices. For the environmental approach to be complete, it was necessary to use environmentally friendly dyes and to be meticulous in the choice of European weavers. But the result is absolutely surprising with selvedge jeans of premium quality, while remaining accessible.

How to wear Henry Paris selvedge jeans?

The selvedge fabric was created by the Americans and quickly adopted by the Japanese. This traditional weaving method is a safe everyday bet. Its democratization dates back to the end of the 20th century and today it occupies center stage. However, its manufacture requires real expertise, which the Henry Paris brand obviously possesses. Indeed, she remains attentive to details in order to produce pants that meet the criteria of the most demanding people.

By acquiring men's selvedge jeans , you are betting on authenticity and remarkable know-how. You should know that even if the material remains rigid, it does not stick to the skin, which offers you many clothing combinations. For example, you accompany it with a fitted jacket in navy blue or camel. In this way, you have a much more sophisticated look.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the casual side, combine your Japanese selvedge jeans with white sneakers, a light-colored T-shirt and why not a leather jacket. In this way, your pants will become a strong piece in your male wardrobe.

Whether worn casually, in a neat autumnal look or in a chic look, trust the Henry Paris brand directly to obtain premium quality.