Henry, it's a brand of jeans and chinos that has just been born . But Henry is above all a man, Henri Cano, who landed in France from his native Spain in 1939, fleeing a death sentence for having committed himself against Francoism. In France, despite having trained as a tailor, he became… a lumberjack! But it was only a postponement since in 1945, from his apartment in Villeparisis in Seine-et-Marne, he made trousers and supplied the most prominent wholesalers in the region. Very quickly, he made a name for himself and opened a workshop, still in Villeparisis, where Rabanne, Hechter and Cardin, among others, came to get supplies, which he enlarged in the 1970s. Over the years, the workshop diversified until working for mass distribution, which will allow him to acquire new know-how and a good legitimacy in the middle. But that was not enough for Stéphane, Henri's grandson, who decided to transform this respected manufacturer's label into a brand, which he named Henry, as a matter of course. Culottier, son of a culottier and therefore grandson of a culottier right down to the depths of his DNA, it is quite natural that he focuses Henry around trousers, offering above all jeans and chinos, with exceptional fabrics and high-end finishes. quality.

A young brand almost 80 years old, it's not trivial! But above all, it allows you to rest on (very) solid foundations, which Henry presents as his four pillars. Expertise and know-how, of course, when you've been in the market since the end of the Second World War, it's impressive, but also essential, timeless products with timeless cuts (designed in Seine-et-Marne and made in Europe) not without an innovative and explosive touch, like the denim chinos selvedge . Then, the brand designs its pants and accessories as “ fresh products ”: authentic, eco-responsible and made from high-end raw materials, denim fabrics from Candiani and twills from Santanderina chinos. Finally, Henry offers jeans and chinos with excellent value for money, €130 for the raw selvedge 5-pocket jeans for example.

Selvedge Henry 5-pocket jeans

The 5-pocket, precisely, is one of the strong pieces that can be found in the Henry catalog . Its straight cut is slightly adjusted, it is heavy (14.5 Oz), incorporates a bit of elastane for comfort (2%) and, above all, it is a good indicator of coolness jeans: Matthieu, the truck's “ denimhead ”, fell under his spell. On the denim side, there is a second reference in the portfolio of the young brand, which made a small noise when it was released and has been a great success, driven by its quality, of course, but also its originality: chinos… in selvedge denim ! Lighter than the 5-pocket (11.50 Oz), it is also a little lighter and more tapered, really taking up the codes of chinos. A mixture of genres that, to our knowledge, Henry is the first to develop! The offer is completed by three chinos, “Daily”, “Heritage” and “Flex”, with different finishes and properties intended, precisely, for different uses, but also a line of hats and scarves, made from wool from Zegna Barrufa.

All Henry jeans and chinos have high-end finishes in common . The selvedge, first, but also intricate seams, in order to avoid visible topstitching and unsightly waistbands and even slits on the chinos. Again, the list of killer details is long, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the choice of fabric for the pockets, a herringbone twill robust and elegant. All of this, we remind you, for prices that never exceed 135€. Hat !

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