Men's pleated pants

Men's pleated pants are a piece of clothing that you absolutely must have to think outside the box. You will appreciate its multiple uses by using the effects of volume and the audacity of the lengths. You find this presence by choosing pleated pants from the brand Henry Paris. You will discover a breath of fresh air with a stylistic innovation that will leave no one indifferent. But it is necessary to sport a look in total adequacy and the essential starting point remains the choice of the tapered pants .

Of course, you could stay in a more classic style by choosing men's chinos from the Henry Paris brand. But why stay conformist when you can let your imagination run wild. The iconic pleating technique is absolutely remarkable for the purpose of creating architectural structures. Certainly, pleated pants intrigue and leave no one indifferent. It is a premium material, light with quick drying and bringing dynamism to your outfit.

It's hard to find another piece of clothing with as much personality as men's pleated trousers. But to properly appreciate the art of pleating, don't be mistaken by setting your sights on the Henry Paris brand. Exceptional materials have been used in essential pieces since 1945. But the preservation of the environment is an essential concept and the brand is committed to working only with European weavers recognized for their commitment to ecology. An observation that remains valid in the materials of the tapered men's pants , but also in the use of dyes.

Discovering pleated pants

The effect of the fold is not new, because the technique is also used on blouses, veils, scarves or even skirts. For the effect to be there, Henry Paris carefully selects the nature of the fabric to preserve the pleating. In particular the mixture of synthetic fibers and cotton to obtain a more flexible fabric.

For your part, you can only be charmed by the pleated pants and know that you will have no difficulty in maintaining them. However, keep the wash temperature low to avoid applying too much pressure. Otherwise, the men's pleated pants will gradually lose their effect. Likewise, there is no need to iron it. Once the washing is done, let the garment air dry, without using the dryer.

When to wear tapered pants?

If you have to go to the evening, the men's pleated pants will allow you to have a particularly neat style. Naturally, you make the difference with the other guests, because the piece is not yet as popular as jeans or chinos. Of course, don't forget to enhance your outfit with a fitted shirt. If you can, don't forget the matching jacket for a complete outfit. But impossible to have a neat look, if you forget the importance of accessories. First of all the belt with a similar color with your shoes. Once again, the possibilities are numerous, do not hesitate to play on the contrasts. So with beige pleated pants, the association with a pair of white sneakers is a winning bet.

For a casual effect, fluid pleated pants will be looser. The style is suitable for less formal occasions such as strolling around town, going to the office or for a night out with friends. Of course, you pair the pleated pants with an appropriate shoe. For convenience, bet on versatility with a traditional color. For example, blue pants will have no trouble pairing with brown, white, black, gray or even green. But if you want to impress those around you with men's pleated pants that are out of the ordinary, then no doubt possible by choosing the color that suits you. You will find what you are looking for in the Henry Paris collection, but the association remains more difficult, which requires having timeless and appropriate clothes in your wardrobe.

Don't wait any longer to discover the Henry Paris collection. Not only will you appreciate the many existing models, but also the house's sense of detail. Quality remains essential with an eco-responsible commitment . As a result, you will enjoy a trendy garment , pleasant to wear and environmentally conscious . To achieve such a result, it is essential to trust the expertise and know-how of Henry Paris. But make no mistake, with quality pleated pants that you treat with care, you'll keep them in your dressing room for a long time.

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