How to wear a men's beanie?

The cold season is upon us, and with it, the need for an accessory that is as practical as it is aesthetic: the men's hat . A true ally against the cold, the hat is also a formidable styling tool which, well chosen and worn well, can elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. To learn everything about the art and how to wear a men's hat brilliantly, follow the guide.

The little story of the hat

Before diving into the heart of the matter, it is appropriate to briefly retrace the history of this accessory. Contrary to what one might think, the hat has not always been the prerogative of skiers and hipsters. It finds its roots in ancient societies, serving to protect against heat, cold or to mark social status. From ancient Mesopotamia to 20th century sailors, the men's hat has spanned the ages, reinventing itself each time.

Materials: the number one criterion

A good hat is first recognized by its material. And for good reason, it is she who will guarantee your comfort.

  • Wool hat : Wool is the key material for hats. It has the advantage of keeping you warm while being breathable. If you want to go upmarket, opt for a merino wool hat . This specific wool is soft, non-irritating, and offers unrivaled thermal insulation.
  • Men's cotton hat : Lighter, cotton is perfect for less cold periods. If you are looking for a fine men's hat for mid-season, this is the ideal choice.

Shape and design: Find your style

Not all beanies are created equal. They vary in shape, size, and design.

  • Short men's beanie : This style is fitted. It fits the shape of the head without excess at the back.
  • Men's sailor hat : Recognizable by its reverse, it is a must-have for lovers of nautical style.
  • Original men's hat : These models are often decorated with patterns, prints or bright colors for a distinctive look.

The color palette

  • Men's black hat : Chic and timeless, it goes with everything.
  • Gray men's beanie : Just as versatile as black, but with a touch of extra softness.
  • Original men's hat : Bright colors and bold patterns are there for the most daring.

The art of wearing your hat well

Now that you've chosen your hat, how do you wear it in style?

  1. Casual but chic : Pair your men's winter hat with a trench coat, a wool sweater, raw jeans and boots. It's the perfect combo for a weekend in the city.
  2. Sporty with elegance : A warm hat + bomber jacket + chic joggers + minimalist sneakers = a perfect athleisure silhouette.
  3. Sharp style : Opt for a trendy men's hat with a long coat, a turtleneck, slim pants and derby shoes. This combination is daring while remaining sophisticated.

Current trends

The fashionable men's hat is constantly being renewed. Currently, here is what is talking:

  1. Eco-responsibility : Hats made from recycled or organic materials are on the rise.
  2. Collaborations : Limited editions resulting from partnerships between brands or with artists are highly sought after.
  3. Varied textures : Mixing materials, such as the men's wool hat with touches of leather or contrasting fabrics, is in vogue.

Some loose tips

  • To avoid the “electric hair” effect, opt for a merino wool hat which minimizes static electricity.
  • If you have a large forehead, the short men's hat can be your best ally to balance the proportions.
  • Want to stand out? Think of the original men's hat .

To conclude, every man deserves to find the perfect hat for him. At Henry Paris, you will find an exceptional collection of men's hats to meet all your style requirements. Whether it's a warm men's hat for icy days, a trendy hat to perfect an outfit, or an original hat to assert your style, Henry Paris has what you need.

Ultimately, the men's hat is not just a winter accessory. It's a piece that can define a look, reflect a personality and, above all, build self-confidence. So, this winter, don't see it as a simple necessity, but as an opportunity to shine.