Men's sweatshirt: how to choose and wear it?

The men's sweatshirt , a timeless piece, has long been a must-have in the men's wardrobe. Combining style, comfort and versatility, it is difficult to imagine a wardrobe without this basic. Whether you're new to fashion or a seasoned trendsetter, this comprehensive guide will help you understand and master the art of wearing a sweatshirt. Let's dive together into the world of men's sweatshirts at Henry Paris.

History of the sweatshirt

Before exploring the different ways to choose and wear a men's sweatshirt , let's briefly recall its history. The sweatshirt, or simply sweatshirt, was born in the 1920s. Initially designed for athletes, its comfort and simplicity quickly elevated it to the rank of fashion icon. From James Dean to modern fashion influencers, the sweatshirt has come a long way, transforming and adapting to the times.

The essentials: choosing the perfect men's sweatshirt

The choice of a sweatshirt depends on several criteria: material, cut, color and occasion.

  1. Material : The 100 cotton sweatshirt is a must. It combines breathability, softness and durability. For colder days, a thick men's sweatshirt will give you the necessary warmth.
  2. Fit : The men's sweatshirt without a hood suggests casual elegance. For a more urban look, opt for a model with a hood. The cut should be neither too loose nor too tight, for comfortable wearing.
  3. Color : Classic shades like the blue sweatshirt , the green sweatshirt and the gray sweatshirt are safe values. However, don't hesitate to play with bright colors or patterns to add a touch of originality to your outfit.
  4. Occasion : For a casual office look, choose a plain sweatshirt or a round-neck men's sweatshirt . For outings with friends, let yourself be tempted by an original men's sweatshirt or a printed sweatshirt .

The art of wearing a sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is not just a casual item of clothing. It can be integrated into various styles.

  1. Chic and sober : Pair your men's sweatshirt without a hood with suit pants and elegant shoes. A watch and a clutch can complete the look.
  2. Stylish sportswear : A thick men's sweatshirt with well-tailored jogging pants and trendy sneakers is ideal for this style.
  3. Relaxed weekend : For a no-fuss look, pair your blue sweatshirt or gray sweatshirt with casual jeans and espadrilles.

Current trends in sweatshirts

Fashion is constantly evolving, and men's sweatshirts are renewed every season.

  1. Eco-responsibility : More and more brands, including Henry Paris, are offering sweatshirts made in an ethical and ecological manner.
  2. Collaborations : Limited collections in collaboration with iconic artists or brands are ones to watch out for.
  3. Revisited cuts : Beyond the classic round-neck men's sweatshirt , other cuts, such as the oversized or cropped sweatshirt, are appearing.

Finally, it is important to remember that every man is unique, and what matters most is feeling good in his sweatshirt . Find the model that suits you and express yourself through them.

Discover the exclusive Henry Paris men's sweatshirt collection now. Let yourself be seduced by a vast choice of models, colors and cuts to find the sweatshirt that will enhance your style.

The men's sweatshirt , far from being just a passing trend, is a central piece that deserves a special place in every man's wardrobe. So, which one will you choose?