The Different Types of Men's Denim - A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Jeans

Denim is a timeless and essential fabric in the male wardrobe. It comes in different types and qualities, providing a wide variety of choices for your jeans. In this article, we'll give you an overview of the different types of men's denim and tips for choosing the right denim jeans for you. Discover our collection of denim jeans for men and find the ideal model for your style.

Classic Denim (Regular Denim)

Classic denim is the most common and versatile type of denim. It's usually made of a cotton-polyester blend, offering a good balance of comfort, durability, and stretch. This type of denim is ideal for everyday use and suitable for all body types.

Tip : Choose classic denim jeans for a casual and timeless look. It goes perfectly with a t-shirt, shirt or sweater, and sneakers or dress shoes.

Stretch denim

Stretch denim is a type of denim that contains a small amount of elastane or spandex, which gives it some stretch. This type of denim provides extra comfort and adapts better to body movement, making it ideal for active people or those who prefer a closer fit.

Tip : Opt for stretch denim jeans if you want optimal comfort and a slim fit. It is particularly suitable for slim or skinny cuts, which hug the figure without restricting movement.

Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim is a type of high-end denim, made on traditional looms and recognizable by its white and red selvedge (or "selvedge"). This type of denim is generally more dense and resistant than classic denim, offering better durability and a more authentic appearance.

Tip : Choose selvedge denim jeans for a sleek and timeless look. It is ideal for fans of the "raw" or "brut" style, who appreciate the quality and authenticity of the fabric. Do not hesitate to invest in selvedge denim jeans to benefit from a durable and high quality garment.

Raw Denim

Raw denim is an unwashed and untreated type of denim, which retains its original color and stiff appearance. This type of denim is renowned for its ability to acquire a patina and personalize over time, creating jeans that are unique and adapted to your morphology.

Tip : Opt for raw denim jeans if you appreciate authentic clothing

and want to create a custom look. It is important to note that raw denim requires special care, including avoiding frequent washing to preserve its color and shape. Over time, your raw denim jeans will develop a unique patina and a unique character.

Washed Denim

Washed denim is a type of denim that has been pre-washed and treated to achieve an aged and worn look. This type of denim offers a relaxed and vintage look, perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed and less formal style.

Tip : Choose washed denim jeans for a trendy and casual look. It pairs well with graphic tees, flannel shirts and sneakers for an urban and modern look.

Eco-friendly denim (Sustainable Denim)

Eco-denim is a type of denim made from environmentally friendly materials and environmentally responsible production processes. This type of denim is a sustainable and ethical option for those who want to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Tip : Opt for eco-denim jeans if you want to support sustainable and responsible production practices. Look for brands that emphasize ethics and ecology in their material and production choices.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of types of men's denim, each offering unique features and style. Take the time to explore the different options and find the denim jeans that best suit your style, needs and ethos. Discover our collection of denim jeans for men and find the ideal model to complete your wardrobe.